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DOLLY 3-WHEEL 6IN 130LB       Shepherd 9299 Super-Tri Furniture Dolly Mintcraft FD-1812 Furniture Dolly
1-1/4" Polyolefin wheel with steel ball bearings and cushioned pads. Black wheels. Shepherd Furniture Dolly, Super-Tri, 200 lb Load Capacity, 6 in Length, Steel Platform, 3 Casters, 1-1/4 in Caster, Black Polyolefin Wheel, Steel Ball Bearing, Used as Indoors or Outdoors Prosource  Furniture Dolly, 800 lb Load Capacity, 18 in Length, 12 in Width, 5 in Height, Hardwood Platform, Natural, 4 Casters, 3 in Caster, Polypropylene Caster
DOLLY 3-WHEEL 12IN 300LB      Mintcraft TC-500 Furniture Dolly DOLLY FURN POLY 19.5X14.5IN
2" Polyolefin wheel with steel ball bearings and cushioned pads. Black wheels. Padded natural hardwood frame with clear sealed ball bearing swivel shaft. Solid polypropylene casters and 4 piece locking nuts. 5-1/2" high, with 3" wheels.
Shepherd 9851 Movers Blanket DOLLY FURNITURE POLY 30X18IN  Shepherd 9854 Furniture Dolly
Provides additional padded protection for business equipment or furniture during moves or storage. Shepherd Furniture Dolly, 360 lb Load Capacity, 25 in Length, 18-1/4 in Width, 12-1/2 in Height, Solid Wood Platform, 4 Casters, 3 in Caster, Rubber Wheel, 7/8 in Tread Width, For Mobility to Heavy, Bulky Items in the Basement or Garage
Mintcraft MT10101 Movers Blanket
Prosource Movers Blanket, 72 in Width, 80 in Length, 70% Polyester/30% Cotton Fabric, For Business Equipment or Furniture During Moves or Storage