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General Tools 843/1 Pencil Compass/Scriber General Tools 29 Angle Protractor With Brass Locknut General Tools 230 Economy Feeler Gauge
General Tools Pencil Compass/Scriber, Steel, General Tools, 8 in Diameter Circle Capacity, Brass Plated, For Marking Contours and Circles General Tools Angle Protractor, Plastic, General Tools, 0 - 165 deg, With Brass Locknut, For Measuring and Duplicating Outside, Inside and Sloped Angles General Tools Feeler Gauge, Economy, Tempered Steel, General Tools, 26 Leaf
General Tools 132ME Nib Pocket Caliper General Tools 17 Square Head Protractor Empire 36 Magnetic Protractor
General Tools Pocket Caliper, Nib, Stainless Steel, General Tools, 0 - 3 in, Graduations: 32nd, in, Metric Measuring System, Includes: Plastic Case, For Make Quick Inside and Outside Diameter Measurement General Tools Protractor, Square Head, Stainless Steel, General Tools, 0 - 180 deg, 11-3/4 in Overall Height, 3.85 in Overall Width, 1/2 in Overall Depth, Silver, 3-3/8 X 2 in Head, For Setting Bevels, Measuring and Transferring Angles Empire Protractor, Magnetic, Polycast, Empire, 0 - 360 deg, 1 deg, For Scoring, Deep Cutting and Other Heavy Duty Applications
General Tools 842 Pencil Compass/Scriber General Tools 729 Nib Pocket Caliper General Tools 16ME Pocket Rule and Gage
General Tools Pencil Compass/Scriber, Die-Cast Metal, General Tools, 9 in Diameter Circle Capacity, For Making Contours, Circles and Edge Marks General Tools Pocket Caliper, Nib, Stainless Steel, General Tools, 0 - 4 in, Graduations: 16th, 32nd, in Measuring System General Tools Pocket Rule and Gage, Multi-Purpose, Stainless Steel, General Tools, Includes: 4 in Rule
General Tools 452-6 Flag Leg General Tools 450-6 Flag Leg Divider General Tools 454-6 Flag Leg Inside Caliper
General Tools Outside Caliper, Flag Leg, Spring, Forged Steel, General Tools, 0 - 6 in, Graduations: 1/8 in, 1/16 in, 1/32 in, 1/64 in, 6-5/16 in Jaw, in Measuring System, GGG-C-95 Specified, For Transferring Measurements of Round Stock or Oddly Shaped Pieces General Tools Divider, Flag Leg, Forged Steel, General Tools, 0 - 6 in, Graduations: 0.001 in, 6-1/4 in Jaw, in Measuring System, GGG-C-95 Specified, 0-100 Dial Reading, Used to Marking Circles, Tracing Contours and Transferring Measurements General Tools Inside Caliper, Flag Leg, Forged Steel, General Tools, 0 - 6 in, 6-1/2 in Jaw, GGG-C-95 Specified, Used to Gauge the Inner Diameter of an Opening and Then Transfer That Measurement to a Ruler
General Tools 102 Adjustable Utility Micrometer Pro-Angle 1702 Digital Protractor With Knurled Locking Nut General Tools 142 4-Way Dial Caliper
General Tools Utility Micrometer, Adjustable, General Tools, 0.001 in Accuracy, Carbide Anvil, Analog Display, Satin Chrome Barrel/Thimble, Includes: Spanner Wrench, Used in Applications Such as Hobbyists and Do-It-Yourselfers or in Machine, Tool and Automotive Shops Pro-Angle Digital Protractor, Pro-Angle, 0 - 180 deg, 0.1 deg Accuracy, 0.05 deg, LCD Display, 6 in Overall Height, With Knurled Locking Nut General Tools Dial Caliper, 4-Way, Plastic, General Tools, 0 - 6 in, Graduations: 0.01 in, 64th, 1-1/2 in Jaw, in Measuring System, Analog Display, Matte, White
General Tools 523 Adjustable Trammel General Tools 147 Tri-Mode Digital Caliper DIGITAL SCALE MASTER PRO
Our Price: $58.74
General Tools Trammel, Adjustable, General Tools, 6 in Point Length, Scribing Point, 5/8 - 1-1/2 in Beam, For Marking Over Large Distances, Tracing Contours and Scribing Circles General Tools Digital Caliper, Tri-Mode, Stainless Steel, General Tools, 0 - 6 in, 0.001 in, 0.02 mm Accuracy, 1.57 in Jaw, in, mm, Fractions Measuring System, Large LCD Display, SR44, 1.5 V Battery Power, Silver, Includes: (1) LR44/357 Battery and (1) Foam Padded Plastic Case, 0.0005 in/0.01 mm/1/64ths Resolution 72 built-in scales for more versatility, 39 imperial (feet-inch) and 33 metric; 6 custom scales, 3 each for imperial and metric units, lets you "roll" or define any scale from plans that have been reduced, enlarged, faxed or otherwise out of scale; calculate area, volume, height, length, width for imperial and metric units; manual count while rolling for studs, piers, outlets or other items; subtract function to remove the last distance measured; includes 2 long-life 3-volt batteries, hard cover protective case, English user guide, multi-language available on corporate website; ideal for contractors, landscapers, fencing specialists, plumbers and anyone needing fast, accurate takeoffs from plans and blueprints.
Use the free "ToolSmart" app so you can quickly and easily determine the materials and tools you will need to complete your project; easily determine the angle of any corner up to 225?; simply send measurements to the "ToolSmart" app with one click; figuring out compound angles are a breeze with the embedded calculator; incorporates a 10.5" ruler and horizontal and vertical bubble levels to make this a handy layout tool.