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Fi-Shock PA1TS-FS Polytape Buckle Splicer Zareba PARS-Z Rope Connector Fi-Shock PAHTE-FS Polytape End Connector
Connects 1 in polytape to the end insulators to reach all of your fence posts. Allows you to connect one polyrope to another to reach all of your fence posts. Connects 1/2 in polytape to another without losing power so you can reach distant electric fence posts. Use at the ends of polytape for dead-ending or gate handle connections.
Fi-Shock PATE-FS Polytape to Energizer Connector Fi-Shock PA2TS-FS Polytape Splicer Zareba PAWPC-Z Polytape Corner
For connecting a fence charger to polytape. This clamp connects the fence charger connects the fence charger to polytape anywhere in the fence line where an electrical connector plate is inaccessible. Connects the polytape to the energizer. Connects 2 in polytape to the end insulators to reach all of your fence posts. Our Zareba? wood post polytape corner insulator is molded of heavy-duty white polyethylene with UV inhibitors. This white insulator is for use at corners, ends or T-junctions.
Zareba PATPC-Z T-Post Polytape Corner Insulator Fi-Shock PATT-FS Polytape To Polytape Connector
Corner insulator and tensioner for standard T-posts (1.25 and 1.33 posts). For all polytape widths up to 2 in. Use at corners, ends or T junctions. Fully insulated. Molded of white high-density polythylene with UV inhibitors. Prevents electrical shorts between the electrified wire and the fence posts. For connecting strands of polytape. Simplifies electrical connections between strands of polytape. Stainless steel plate holds the tape securely and will not corrode.