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Zareba ESP2M-Z Electric Fence Energizer FENCER SOLAR 6V BATT 5 MILE   Parmak Solar Pak 6 DF-SP-LI Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger
Zareba Electric Fence Energizer, Medium Duty, Zareba, Solar Powered Power, 4 VDC Input, 0.02 A, 115 VAC, 10500 V Unloaded V Output, 4 j Stored Energy, 0.04 j Output, 2 mile Capacity, Includes: 4 V Battery and Flashing Fence, For Small Areas and Animals 5 mile solar low impedance charger. 360 degree rotation allows charger to rotate on T-Post to face the sun. Use with steel, aluminum, poly wire, poly rope or poly tape. Low-impedance technology allows for longer battery life. Parmak Solar Pak 6 Electric Fence Charger, Low Impedance, Parmak, Solar Pak 6, Solar/Battery Powered Power, 11500 V Open Circuit, 2650 V at 500 ohm Output, 1.4 j Stored Energy, 0.75 j Low, 1.8 j High Output, 25 mile Capacity, Analog Display, Includes: Sealed Rechargeable 6 V Battery, UL Listed, For Small to Medium Pastures
Zareba ESP10M-Z Low Impedance Electric Fence Energizer CHARGER U/L FNC SOLAR 30MI 12V CHARGER FENCE SLR PWR 30MI 12V
Zareba Electric Fence Energizer, Low Impedance, Zareba, Solar Powered Power, 12 V, 7500 V Unloaded Output, 0.33 j Stored Energy, 0.15 j Output, 10 mile Capacity, Includes: 6 V Solar Battery and Digital Timing, UL Listed, Used to Control Most Livestock, Short Haired Animals and Small Animals Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Electric Fence Charger, Low Impedance, Parmak, Magnum 12 Solar Pak, Solar Powered Power, 13500 V Open Circuit, 6100 V at 500 ohm, 3100 V at 100 ohm Output, 3 j Stored Energy, 1.1 j Low, 3.1 j High Output, 30 mile Capacity, Analog Display, Includes: 12 V Battery, UL Listed, For Large Pastures