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Zareba ESP2M-Z Electric Fence Energizer FENCER SOLAR 6V BATT 5 MILE   Zareba ESP10M-Z Low Impedance Electric Fence Energizer
Zareba Electric Fence Energizer, Medium Duty, Zareba, Solar Powered Power, 4 VDC Input, 0.02 A, 115 VAC, 10500 V Unloaded V Output, 4 j Stored Energy, 0.04 j Output, 2 mile Capacity, Includes: 4 V Battery and Flashing Fence, For Small Areas and Animals 5 mile solar low impedance charger. 360 degree rotation allows charger to rotate on T-Post to face the sun. Use with steel, aluminum, poly wire, poly rope or poly tape. Low-impedance technology allows for longer battery life. Zareba Electric Fence Energizer, Low Impedance, Zareba, Solar Powered Power, 12 V, 7500 V Unloaded Output, 0.33 j Stored Energy, 0.15 j Output, 10 mile Capacity, Includes: 6 V Solar Battery and Digital Timing, UL Listed, Used to Control Most Livestock, Short Haired Animals and Small Animals
Parmak Solar Pak 6 DF-SP-LI Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger CHARGER U/L FNC SOLAR 30MI 12V CHARGER FENCE SLR PWR 30MI 12V
Parmak Solar Pak 6 Electric Fence Charger, Low Impedance, Parmak, Solar Pak 6, Solar/Battery Powered Power, 11500 V Open Circuit, 2650 V at 500 ohm Output, 1.4 j Stored Energy, 0.75 j Low, 1.8 j High Output, 25 mile Capacity, Analog Display, Includes: Sealed Rechargeable 6 V Battery, UL Listed, For Small to Medium Pastures Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Electric Fence Charger, Low Impedance, Parmak, Magnum 12 Solar Pak, Solar Powered Power, 13500 V Open Circuit, 6100 V at 500 ohm, 3100 V at 100 ohm Output, 3 j Stored Energy, 1.1 j Low, 3.1 j High Output, 30 mile Capacity, Analog Display, Includes: 12 V Battery, UL Listed, For Large Pastures