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Arrow RL100 Light Duty Rivet Tool Stanley MR33C Right Angle Riveter Arrow RL100K Rivet Tool Kit
All-steel construction with comfortable vinyl grip. Spring-loaded handle for easy rivet loading and ejection. Changeable nose piece takes 1/8 in and 5/32 in Dia rivet in one hole and 3/16 in on other hole. To change hole size, loosen screw on nose piece plate and pivot plate around, tighten screw. This comfortable, easy-to-squeeze STANLEY? 10 in medium-duty pop rivet gun has a long handle and can be used in tight spaces. It has a durable steel construction and is ideal for many types of maintenance and repair jobs. The RL100K rivet kit is the ideal starter kit for DIY consumers and the occasional rivet user. The kit comes with our all-purpose RL100S rivet tool, two interchangeable nose pieces, a nose changing wrench and 50 of our two most popular rivets, 25 each of 1/8 in medium rivet and 25 each of 3/16 in medium rivets. The kit also includes a free storage case to keep the supplies organized.
Arrow RH200 Professional Easy Pull Rivet Tool Stanley MR55C5 Right Angle Riveter Stanley MR77C Swivel Head Riveter
Arrow's RH200 is a great all-purpose rivet tool for both professional and DIY rivet applications. The extended nose design helps with tight corners or when a little extra reach is needed in the work area. The RH200S also features tough and durable steel construction, spring loaded handles, soft vinyl hand grips, 4 different size nose pieces, a nose changing wrench and a convenient handle lock for easy storage. Providing quick, reliable ways to install steel, aluminum and stainless steel pop rivets, the right-angle riveter uses a variety of rivet sizes to make it the right tool for almost any job. The STANLEY swivel-head manual riveter offers both right-angle and straight-on riveting with a simple twist of the rivet head. The tool is constructed of die-cast metal for durability. This rivet tool features a long handle to make it easier to squeeze with less effort.
Stanley MR100CG Contractor Grade Riveter Arrow RHT300 Twister Rivet Tool
The heavy-duty Riveter is designed for use with aluminum, steel and stainless steel rivets in a wide range of applications, including metalworking, builder/remodeler, plumbing, mechanical and more. It includes four nose pieces and a nose piece wrench for versatility and easy change out for different rivet diameters. With its rugged, die-cast metal construction, long handle and removable ejector spring, this is an essential tool for your next riveting project. The Arrow RHT300 swivel head rivet tool is a true professional rivet tool with a full 360 deg swivel head and extended nose design that makes riveting in difficult corners, angles and tight spaces fast and easy. The tool features rugged all steel construction, spring loaded handles for easy loading, soft vinyl hand grips, four different size nose pieces, nose changing wrench and convenient handle lock for easy storage.