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Gilmour 306UPC Ring Sprinkler Toolbasix DY601 Impact Sprinkler Heads Mintcraft GS9512 Lawn Sprinklers
Gilmour Ring Sprinkler, Gilmour, Circle, 900 sq-ft Coverage, 30 ft Coverage Diameter, Polymer Head, For Lawn and Garden ToolBasix Sprinkler, Pulsating, 520 sq-m Coverage, Plastic Head MintCraft Sprinkler, Spot, Circle, Zinc Head, Metal Base, Chrome Plated, Carded
Gilmour 896 Fan Sprinkler SPRINKLER RING YELLOW         Toolbasix GS84903L Lawn Sprinklers
Gilmour Fan Sprinkler, Gilmour, Quarter Circle, 20 ft Coverage Diameter, Metal Head, Metal Base High-impact plastic construction. 30 feet maximum coverage. Stable high-impact plastic base. 6 dial settings with different watering patterns.
SPRINKLER SQUARE PATTERN      Mintcraft GS95113L Lawn Sprinklers Gilmour 876C Spot Sprinkler
Metal construction. Chrome plated surface finish. Works well in small areas. Metal construction. Chrome plated surface finish. Works well in small areas. Gilmour Spot Sprinkler, Gilmour, Circle, 30 ft Coverage Diameter, Metal Head, For Low Water Pressure Areas
Gilmour 876R Spot Sprinkler Gilmour 876S Spot Sprinkler Toolbasix GS9092 Lawn Sprinklers
Gilmour Spot Sprinkler, Gilmour, Rectangular, 15 X 30 ft Coverage, Metal Head, For Low Water Pressure Areas Gilmour Spot Sprinkler, Gilmour, Square, 30 X 30 ft Coverage, Metal Head, For Low Water Pressure Areas Plastic two arm revolving sprinkler with whirling action for better coverage. Adjustable arm angles for coverage control.
Gilmour 883 3-Arm Rotary Sprinkler Toolbasix DY601-7053L Lawn Sprinklers WaterMaster 55024 Impact Sprinkler
Gilmour Rotary Sprinkler, 3-Arm, Gilmour, Circle, 50 ft Coverage Diameter, Polymer Head, Polymer Base ToolBasix Lawn Sprinkler, Pulsating, Yellow, For Lawn WaterMaster Impact Sprinkler, WaterMaster, 3 gpm, 25 psi Operating, 1/2 in MNPT Connection, Adjustable, 20 - 40 ft Coverage Radius, 10 - 15 ft Spacing, Plastic Head, For Small to Medium Lawn Areas
Rainbird P5-R PLUS Riser Mount Impact Sprinkler Rainbird P5R-PJC Risermount Impact Sprinkler OSCILLATOR PLASTIC 3000SQFT
Rainbird Impact Sprinkler, Riser Mount, Rainbird, 7.1 gpm, 45 psi Operating, 1/2 in Male Connection, Infinite, 44 ft Coverage Radius, 360 deg Full Circle, 20 - 340 deg Part Circle Deflector, 24 - 45 ft Spacing, High Impact Polymer/Stainless Steel Head, Includes: 06, 07, 10 and 12 Nozzles Rainbird Impact Sprinkler, Professional Grade, Risermount, Rainbird, 2.8 - 4.1 gpm, 25 - 55 psi Operating, 1/2 in MNPT Connection, Full Circle, 35 - 41 ft Coverage Radius, 20 - 340 deg Deflector, 6 in Pop-Up Height, 24 - 45 ft Spacing, 4 in Overall Length, Stainless Steel Head, Plastic Base
MintCraft Bubbler Sprinkler, Bubble, 3 in Coverage Diameter, 4-1/4 in Pop-Up Height, For Delicate Watering ToolBasix Lawn Sprinkler, Pulsating, Plastic Base, For Lawn Durable aluminum construction; allows water to gently soak into the ground with minimal erosion; perfect for delicate plants.
SPRINKLER WHIRLING MTL 1024FT Gilmour 775 Stationary Five Pattern Turret Lawn Sprinkler Gilmour 193MPS Triple Spike Base Pulsating Lawn Sprinkler
An all metal sprinkler that will gently water an area up to 32 feet by 32 feet; covers square up to 32 feet; all metal construction. Gilmour Turret Lawn Sprinkler, Five Pattern, Stationary, Gilmour, Circle, Large/Small Square, Rectangle, Long Strip, Polymer Head Gilmour Pulsating Lawn Sprinkler, Triple Spike Base, Gilmour, 30 psi Operating, Partial/Full Circle, 5800 sq-ft Coverage, 86 ft Coverage Diameter, Polymer/Stainless Steel Head, Polymer Base, For Beautiful Garden and Lawn
MintCraft Sprinkler Replacement Head, Pulsating, Brass
Mintcraft YP610 Impulse Sprinklers SPRINKLER WHIRLNG MTL 42FT DIA Gilmour 200GMBP Pulsating Lawn Sprinkler
Two spike with brass 3/4" female swivel and plastic cap end. Brass and zinc alloy head. Plated finish and durable construction. Coverage area: 45' diameter. This all metal sprinkler has a weighted base with wheels and 3 sprinkler arms; it will water a square area up to 45 feet by 45 feet; water coverage up to 2100 square feet; convenient wheel base; brass tips and connectors and metal construction. Gilmour Pulsating Lawn Sprinkler, Gilmour, Partial/Full Circle, 5670 sq-ft Coverage, 86 ft Coverage Diameter, Polymer Head, Polymer Base, For Medium and Large Lawns
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