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Stanley 42-193/184 Line Level LEVEL LINE/SURFACE BLUE 3IN   Johnson Level 575 Structo-Cast Line Levels
The 3 in line level is simple, yet accurate. Its flat bottom allows for easy surface leveling. With special hooks for free sliding and high-visibility tinted liquid in vial for clear readings, this tool helps you read and mark angles with ease. Empire Line Level, Number of Vials: 1, Vial Material: Acrylic, Vial Positions: Level, Accuracy: 0.001 in, Plastic, Blue, 3 in L, 5/8 in W, 15/16 in H Durable level vial is impact resistant. Lightweight construction reduces line sag. Unrestricted hooks allows for easy movement on line. Used for masonry, landscape and sheet metal work. Model 595 features "Multi-Pitch" vial reads slope in 1/8" increments.
Stanley 42-287 Lightweight Line Level LINE LEVEL SET                Empire 93 Line Level
This lightweight aluminum level has special hooks to hold line allowing the level to slide freely and a flat bottom for surface leveling. Two is better than one! These 3 in line levels lightweight design reduces line sag, for an accurate reading every time. They are also highly durable thanks to their impact-resistant Structo-Cast? construction and feature unrestricted hooks that allow for easy movement. The impact-resistant Multi-Pitch? vial also read slope in 1/8 in increments. Lightweight construction minimizes line sag. Unbendable open hooks allow level to slide freely. Pocket clip will guard tool against loss.
Johnson 555 Line/Surface Level
The ideal addition to every toolbox, this 3 in line level's durable, lightweight aluminum construction reduces line sag, for an accurate reading every time. It features unrestricted hooks that allow for easy movement.