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TACKER HAMMER LT WIRE RUB GRIP Stanley SharpShooter PHT150C Hammer Tacker Arrow HT55BL Hammer Tacker
Lightweight design. Pro's choice to install insulation. Ergonomic soft rubber grip provides maximum comfort. Durable all-steel construction, chrome magazine and hardened steel internal components. Uses staples of size 1/4 in, 5/16 in and 3/8 in. The Sharpshooter? heavy-duty hammer tacker is ideal for anyone who wants to facilitate the installation of carpeting, roofing or insulation. The HT55BL was developed for home DIY users who need a dependable yet economical tool. It features a soft, ergonomic comfort handle and lightweight stamped steel body making it easy to handle for the occasional user. The convenient quick load magazine makes reloading and clearing jams so easy that users can do it one-handed ideal for when on a roof or in a tight space.
Arrow HT55 Professional Hammer Tacker Stinger 136450 Lightweight Hammer Tacker DeWalt DWHTHT450 Hammer Tacker
The HT55 is Arrow's top-selling slim Hammer tacker. The lightweight, stamped steel housing is precisely balanced to deliver quick, powerful strikes. The ergonomic rubber handle with integrated hand stop means the operator's hand won't slip and a rugged rear load magazine holds two full strips of staples, minimizing downtime for reloading. HT55 is great for insulation, flooring and roofing applications where speed and ease of use are key. An ideal tool for installing roofing felt, housewrap and insulation, lightweight and easy to maneuver, but constructed with heavy-duty steel for durability. The tool features an anti-slip, ergonomic rubber handle to help with ease of use. Holds 168 staples. Recommended for use with "Stinger" 3/8 in A-11 staples for top performance. Compatible with 1/4 in to 3/8 in staple sizes. Quick-load magazine. Lightweight die-cast aluminum housing design for durability. Anti-jam magazine prevents jams and misfires. Heavy-duty stapling mechanism for durability. Surface guard to prevent damage to underlayment material. Ergonomic design is weighted forward for comfortable use. Uses DeWALT? DWHTTH700 series heavy-duty staples, available sizes of 5/16 in (8 mm), 3/8 in (10 mm) and 1/2 in (12 mm), also uses same range of Stanley TRA700 series heavy-duty staples plus Arrow T-50 heavy-duty staples.
Arrow Tomahawk HT50DS Hammer Tacker FatMax PHT250C Hammer Tacker Arrow HTX50 Professional Fire Hammer Tacker
An iconic American tool since the 1950's, the HT50 is still proudly made in the USA with a chromed steel housing, all steel working parts hardened in a 1500 deg furnace and a high impact sure-grip handle. Its reliable and time-proven rear load magazine holds two full strips of T50 staples to minimize loading time. For roofing, insulation, housewrap and other professional jobs, there is simply no substitute. The STANLEY FATMAX? hammer tacker driver mechanism is a true time-saver, delivering more than 500,000 cycles and featuring an anti-jam mechanism and surface guard. The bottom-load, high-capacity magazine accepts up to two full sticks or staples. Chrome-plated steel construction frame and comfort grip. The HTX50 delivers the proven performance of the HT50 with upgraded ergonomics. The high impact molded handle with rubber anti-slip hand grip delivers confidence and performance on any job. A unique handle guard protects the operator's hand from mishaps and the rear loading, two strip capacity magazine minimizes reloading breaks. A chromed steel housing and hardened steel working parts complete this tool's impressive features.
Bostitch PowerCrown H30-8 Hammer Tacker Senco PC0700 Hammer Stapler HAMMER/TACKER CARBON FIBER
This PowerCrown? hammer tacker features a die-cast frame and hardened steel components to offer durability and with tool-free jam removal and a quick load magazine is convenient and easy-to-use. For Insulation, vapor barriers and felt roofing. Drives 20 ga staples with 7/16 crown and 3/8 length. The DeWALT? carbon fiber composite hammer tacker features a lightweight carbon fiber composite structure. This reduction in overall weight and vibration allows for a longer duration of work with less muscle exertion.
Bostitch PowerCrown H30-8D6 Slammer Hammer Tacker Stinger CH38 136400 Cap Hammer Stapler Bostitch PowerSlam PC2K Hammer Tacker
Die cast frame and through hardened steel components for extreme durability. Quick-load magazine. Tool-free jam clearing. Includes: Quick Draw Holster and 1,000 3/8" staples. Staple Capacity 84 Staples; Fastener Range: 1/4" to 3/8" STCR5019 PowerCrown Staples. Die cast frame and through hardened steel components for extreme durability. Quick-load magazine. For residential roofing and sidewall applications. The first hammer tacker to deliver a cap and staple. Easy-to-use - just pull the trigger and drive it in. Gets the job done for a fraction of the cost of a pneumatic tool. Promotes best practice installation. Capacity of 168 caps to 168 staples, full 1 in plastic cap, A11 fasteners, 3/8 in staples. Weighs 2.6 lb. 'AntiJam' design for maximum productivity. Long reach knuckle saver handle with non-slip comfort grip. Die-cast frame and hardened components for extreme durability. High capacity bottom load magazine with staple count indicator. Extra wide foot plate prevents tearing and marring.  Uses STCR5019, SKU# 744.7915, 'PowerCrown' staples. Use for roofing felt, tar paper, house wrap, insulation, carpet pad and plastic sheeting. Weight: 2.2 lbs, Staple Capacity: 168 Staples (2 full sticks).
Stinger CH38 136401 Cap Hammer Stapler
National Nail Cap Hammer Stapler