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Norpro 606 Canning Lid Wands Norpro 607 Canning Funnel Ball 10734 Ball Canning Labels
For removing hot canning lids. Fits large or small jars. Handy hang-up handle. Size 2-1/2 in mouth and 4-3/4 in funnel. Strong adherence to both glass or lid. Material is designed to adhere securely on jars during storage and use. Dissolves easily in water while washing by hand or the dishwasher. Easy to write on. 60 (1-1/8 in x 2-1/4 in) labels. Hang tag.
Norpro 615 Replacement Jelly Strainer Bag with Elastic Band Norpro 600 Jar Lifter PARAFFIN WAX GULF 16 OZ
Our Price: $7.16
NORPRO Replacement Jelly Strainer Bag, 9 in L, 7 in W, Cotton/Polyester, Includes: Elastic Band Cushion coated, improves grip, reduces breakage. Specially designed to lift jars from top or side. ROYAL OAK Paraffin Wax, Specifications: 16 oz Capacity
BOOK OF PRESRV GUIDE 37TH EDIT Jarden 10731 Ball Canning Jar Lifters Arrow Plastic 14 Large Opening Canning Funnel
Ball How-To Book, Version: 37th Edition, Title: Guide to Preserving, Language: English, Paperback Binding, Jarden Home Brands Publisher, 200 Pages The Ball? Brand secure grip jar lifter is designed for lifting jars with confidence and with minimal effort. Handles are ergonomically designed for comfort. The spring hinge improves strength and pops open automatically. Molded grip increases contact surface versus other jar lifters. Special funnel with large opening is ideal for transferring fruits and vegetables into containers and jars. Designed with vent ribs for faster flow.
Norpro 599 Canning Set National Presto 09995 Canning Starter Kits LABELS 24AB P IN #24
NORPRO Canning Set, Vinyl, Includes: Vinyl Coated Jar Wrench, Vinyl Coated Jar Lifter, Extra Wide Mouth Funnel, Tongs With Vinyl Coated Handles, Bubble Popper/Measurer and Magnetic Lid Lifter This handy set includes all of the most needed canning accessories: Digital timer for precisely measuring processing times. Battery included. Canning funnel for easily filling regular and wide-mouth canning jars. Combination bubble remover/magnetic lid lifter for releasing trapped air bubbles from inside jars and removing canning lids from hot water. Jar lifter for easily and safely removing hot jars from the canner. Also includes a handy jar wrench and kitchen tongs. Includes fruit border designs and lines for recording information. 24/PK. Dimension of 2-1/2 in x 2 in.
Granite-Ware F0709-2 Canner JAM & JELLY MAKR AUTOMATIC 8OZ Kent Precision Foods O103-J4255 Mrs. Wages Home Canning Guide
Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe real ceramic surface over carbon steel core. Stain- and odor-resistant surface. Chrome-plated wire rack included. 2 settings jam and jelly. Makes about 4 (8 oz) 1/2 pt of jam or jelly at a time. Cooks in under 30 mins. Non-stick pot, stirring paddle and glass lid are dishwasher-safe. Exclusive Ball recipe book. Quick start guide/manual. Mrs. Wages home canning guide, from America's premier supplier of pickling, freezing and canning products, brings step-by-step instructions for preserving your favorite garden produce. This guide will walk you through more than 120 tested recipes for old-time favorites like crunchy pickles and strawberry jam, not to mention updated versions of these classics with recipes for low sugar and sugar-free preserves.
Ball Waterbath Canning Kit, 21 qt, Steel, Enamel, 15 in L, 16 in W, 10 in H, Includes: (1) 21 Quart Waterbath Canner, (1) Premium Canning Rack, (1) Jar Funnel, (1) Jar Lifter, (1) Lid Lifter, (1) Bubble Remover and Headspace Tool